Ballsy! introduces tackle zones, formation selection

Hello ballers!

For today's update, I've added formation selection to the game. You can choose from a bunch of different formations, ranging from very defensive to dangerously offensive. This adds some strategic freedom to the game.

Another big change are the tackle zones. Tackles felt overpowered, and the previous method of allowing 1 tackle per 'possession turn' didn't work too well. Now, you can only do tackles - as many as you like - in the area directly in front of your goal.

Furthermore, there's been a lot of gameplay tweaks. Here's the most important ones:

  • players should feel a bit more agile
  • team positioning is a bit wider, spacier.
  • keeper should be a bit better, though they are arguably still pretty dumb at times
  • passes are a more powerful by default, even on relatively short button presses

Let me know how you feel about all these changes, and what you would like me to add or change next!

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May 15, 2020

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