Ballsy! World Cup 2020 out now!

Do you like balls? Do you like feet? Shoes, maybe, even? How about combining your favorite passions, and have the shoe kick the ball in a direction of your choosing?

Wait no longer! For here is Ballsy! World Cup 2020, the fluent retro ballgame experience you didn't know you were yearning for! It features balls, players, a pitch, yes, even goals! BUT WAIT, there's more! Well, actually, not much more, really, that's pretty much it. Yes, it's a simple, small ballgame.

Do you have a problem with that? Why are you looking at me like that? Have you never met an honest salesman yet?

Well, this didn't quite go the way I planned. You know what, just play the game and let the gameplay sell itself! :D

With love, Bastiaan, your favorite retro ballgames programmer at Properly Decent!


BallsyWorldCup2020_v10.rar 66 MB
Oct 28, 2020

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