Build 23, Introducing DRIFT STYLES for crazy people!

Some people apparently found the default buggies a bit too restrained. Or maybe that was just me. So I'm introducing 3 new drift levels, that can be unlocked by finishing campaigns.

When you select a drift style, all cars (including AI) will be more powerful, while the tracks are made more slippery. Cars are adapted in other ways as well; for example, since front-wheel drive cars have a hard time drifting, they are given some rear-wheel power, too. Basically, the cars get an internal tuning based on the selected drift level.

Using a gamepad already was recommended; with drift styles, I IMPLORE you to use a gamepad :P

Other fixes in this version:

  • nerfed mercados a bit, and fixed exaggerated brake
  • tinkered with mercados, mazdo & toyato a bit to make them more balanced and exciting
  • lowered surface micro-roughness for more stable drive (mostly noticeable on desert)
  • AI each have a little more varied drivestyle. also skill spread a little wider, so later in the race there's less of a 'pack'

The next version will feature cosmetic updates!

Have a great weekend, thanks for playing! -Bastiaan

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Mar 18, 2022

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Dose this game have a mini-map?

No, part of the game is that you have to respond quickly to incoming corners, I'm afraid!


One more question. If the tracks are randomly generated, how can there be ghost cars like the developer's ghost and my best time ghost to compete against? How could there be a lap history on a newly generated track?

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The time trial tracks are always the same, they are using the same seed every time. The single race and campaign tracks use a random seed :)