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Buyer beware: Buggy Game is NOT an arcade game! This is a simcade game with a simulated tyre model, load transfer, differential, power curve and everything!

It's easy to pick up, but you can't just crash your way to the finish. You are going to need to work your way up the pack with style and grace. And a little bit of well-timed aggression, because the AI is very competitive!

The main event is the campaign mode, where you try to become champion by collecting the most points while racing procedurally generated tracks through various worlds, but beware - if you damage your car too much, it's all over.

There's also a time trial mode, with ghost cars from both your best run, and the developer's par record. Are you better than me? Only one way to find out!

This game is best played using a gamepad with analog controls. Keyboard and steering wheels are also supported.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Tagsdrifting, Procedural Generation, rally, Retro, simcade, simracing, Top-Down


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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Alright, here's my review of your game.


Oh wow! Thanks so much for reviewing my game! And it's positive, too :D I appreciate it :))

About the time trial records; I think what I may have failed to communicate in the game, is that the different car setups are supposed to be well-balanced, as in; despite each having up- and downsides, they should be similarly fast overall. So basically, you are 'allowed' to use any setup on a time trial run, and it should be generally as challenging as any other. Of course in reality, some cars are better at some biomes, so you still have a point, but that was the reason for that choice :) (all the AI drivers in normal races are actually each using a different car setup! which is why Keanu spins out a lot haha, the AI doesn't work well for his setup (I think it's the second front wheel drive setup in his case))

I'm sorry you hate the wall bug; it's a bug I've known about, yet I kept in for people to discover because I thought it was funny. It's kinda up to the player if they want to cheat. I understand that you (and others) don't like that, though, I'm sorry! It's kinda like an easter egg for me. (it originates from only the inside wall hexagons pieces having collision detection for performance reasons)

You're right about the Mazdo; it used to be like that, but the setup kinda changed over time and I should have updated the description!

Your ideas for expanding on the game are really good. I like the ideas of having multiple biomes in one race, and having some tracks where you can actually fall off. Unfortunately, I have 2 problems; I'm already working on new projects, and since Buggy Game didn't sell well at all, I don't really have the luxury of putting too much more time into it. Maybe when I manage to make a small hit at some point, I can spend more time to expand on projects like this one!

Anyway, thanks again for your kind review, I appreciate it a lot!

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Nice, I'm glad you got to see the review. I appreciate the feedback too.

Since I read all of your devlogs and noticed that certain cars (especially the Mercados) had to go through rebalances, I assumed there might've been potential for imbalances, so it's good to know that the cars are actually well-balanced. Apologies for getting the AI setup thing wrong as well. I try to watch them when I can while racing, especially to see how they're nailing the turns I'm not, and when it came to driving the Audo which handles a very specific way, based on how I was seeing them drive, I had thought at that point we were all driving Audos lol.

In all fairness the wall bug won't really be a very big deal until the game becomes popular, and I guess that's where my general concern was when I addressed it, 'cause if that were to happen and you ended up adding more features for the growing playerbase (especially when it comes to online multiplayer or sharing ghost times) that bug would definitely have to be addressed at that point. No worries though, I've no interest in abusing such a thing ;)

Glad you like the experimental ideas I had. Sadly I won't have much impact on helping the game get noticed, but I'll keep my fingers crossed regardless. Best of luck with your future projects!

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It's understandable you mistook the AI for all having the same setup; the AI basically calculates an "ideal racing line" first (actually it's a mixture of 2 racing lines, dependent per driver, to give them some character), and then it tries to follow that line as best as possible. However, these lines are not dependent on car setup, so that's why you didn't notice! Making them different per setup would actually be faster @ optimized for the setup, but that was just a bit too complicated for me :)

If the game were to ever become popular, I would definitely fix bugs like the wall bug, but alas, it's not to be! (well I mean, it could still happen, but it's unlikely I think). It's nice of you to consider the possibility of the game becoming popular though!

Thanks again and hopefully you'll like my future projects too! Cheers :)


It'll be a while before I'm ready to give this game a proper review, but so far I'm really loving it. As far as my progress is concerned I've managed to get the hang of the first 6 cars; it's just the elite ones I've gotta master now. Not that I'd expect you to add any more features to the game, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on an elimination mode (where the player in last place slowly loses health) and on a splitscreen multiplayer mode (since a game this intense would be great to share with at least 1 friend).


Hi Infernal! Sorry for the late reply. Great to hear you enjoy/enjoyed the game! An elimination mode is a fun idea, I'll add it to the pool of ideas. Can't promise anything though, as I mostly just do service updates now with small patches, but who knows. About a splitscreen mode; I've been thinking about that myself from the start, but the problem is screen space. Because it's top-down, you really need all the visibility you can get to see upcoming corners. So a splitscreen mode would have to be horizontal, but then it becomes a problem when the road goes a bit too diagonal. I do have a 3D 'spiritual successor' to this game in the works though, and because it's 3D, I can add a splitscreen mode there. But that's the farther future :) Cheers!


Good to know, and I'm okay with this game no matter your decision. I am in fact still enjoying it; the elite cars are kicking my rear currently, but I'm getting the hang of the Audo and Chevra now. The Toyato's a little more tricky for me, but I've at least found the setup with it that works best for me, so I'll get the hang of it eventually.


Ohh I love to hear that you play and enjoy the game! Makes my life as game dev worthwhile :) Thanks!

ps. gotta be honest, I also have a love/hate relationship with the Toyato lol


I see this game on Steam too. Abe both versions the same and updated at thhe same time?

Yes! I always upload all patches here and to steam at the same time, and will keep doing that :) (sorry for late reply)