Buggy Game update build v21

Here you go guys and gals, the first update to the Buggy Game! Thank you all for buying this game and I hope you are enjoying it!


  • more lower difficulty levels, as many people are having a hard time learning the game, and it can get frustrating to drive last! keep in mind the car is supposed to be a simulator and to be hard, so my recommendation is to increase the difficulty slider once you do git gud!
  • improved track generator, aiming at a better flowing whole. curvy sections are less extreme, while longer straights now have more bends. keep in mind the time attack tracks are still using the old generator. those will always remain in the game, though at some point I may add an extra set of trial tracks using the then-current generator.
  • rebalanced cars; tried to make all cars' average performance more equal. also tried to make some cars more fun to drive.
  • fixed floaty obstacles, allowing for more obstacles in smaller sections
  • improved some of my dev ghost cars times on some short tracks. mostly because those are the easiest to learn, so a better par time keeps it challenging for a bit longer. ps., I drove all ghost cars using the nisson (default buggy) with all tweaks on default.
  • hide mousecursor on keyboard/gamepad activity
  • made the car <-> car collisions a bit less 'sticky'.

Enjoy! Cheers, Bastiaan


BuggyGame_v21_Linux.zip 89 MB
Mar 11, 2022
BuggyGame_v21_Windows.zip 88 MB
Mar 11, 2022

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