Get past the defenders by shielding the ball using your body (cursor keys / analog stick)

You can choose to go slow, by keeping the ball behind you.. but if you do this for too long, more and more defenders will start swarming around you!

You can choose to go fast, by diving forward with the ball.. but you need fast reflexes to not bump ball-first into the defenders!

Choose your balance and set a distance record - make sure to share your record in the comments!


Download 20 MB


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I can definetly advise to use a controller with this one. The keyboard controls are a little funky.


Highscore 1006

fcking master!


Wow this game is really fun! My only real complaint is that the controls felt a bit weird, I feel like it'd be better either rotating towards the mouse or left rotating left and right rotating right. I think that with some better visuals and more content this could be a really fun mobile game!

Highscore: 430

Thanks man! I think I will continue on this game later on so thanks for the ideas/criticism!

My own record is 933 now :D but should be somewhat beatable!